I should write something else…

…but instead I’ll introduce myself

Well, maybe not a complete introduction, but more of a “Where I am at right now” post. 

So I have a project that I completed the execution phase two years ago. By Execution phase, I mean the fun stuff, drawing and coloring. This summer, I put it all into an eBook that will be downloadable from this website soon. I know, if you are coming from one of the social media sites to this page, you have been hearing me say “soon” for a little while. But this time I mean it…

… no really. I mean it. Like maybe tomorrow. 

I’ll put it in my planner.

Seriously, I’ll put it in there right now.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

there it’s in my Self Journal

So what?

Way back when I downloaded completed my University degree, I was pretty passionate about using productivity systems to do stuff. I love the journey but I like little destinations to orient my direction of travel. The past couple of months, I spent a good deal of effort trying to figure out how and where I wanted to go and what my life was going to look like when I got there. Well, setting myself up with some new objectives to strive for will get me there. Yes, I am confident that whatever transpires in the new couple of years, I will get to have the life I want. 

Life didn’t come with a guidebook! We write it as we go along, and sometimes we fudge it!
The more guidelines and wisdom we have, the better we can navigate through the field of material reality to manifest the life of our dreams.

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want

I have pined to have a life full of creative endeavors since I was in Fifth grade. With my son here, going into fifth grade, this makes me look at my own life and wonder what sort of example I am setting for him and how I can be a better person.

So, I figured out that I prefer having my time taken up with drawing, writing and reading books than watching television shows or movies. Do not get me wrong, I am not knocking those art forms nor am I knocking anyone else’s decision to spend their downtime doing so. It’s just a preference of mine to do things this way. I haven’t owned a television set in decades, but Netflix was a great way to step around that. So, I cancelled my subscription for a trial period of time. 

What! You can’t be serious!?!

Actually, I went a step further and cancelled my Internet subscription in the Apartment I live in. This keeps me from spending all evening scrolling through news feeds and updating news apps. But you should have heard the Customer Service Rep try so hard to understand that it had nothing to do with their service. It was worse than trying to break up with Overly Attached GF. <I was going to put a meme in here but naw.>

Has this changed anything?

urban dictionary

Well, yes and no. I still have to do the things on my list. But it is easier to make that list. Also my head is not full of the outrage syndrome that the news and social media feeds generate. But I am not a complete digital hermit. I still access the social media feeds while I am “at work” in the studio. I just don’t want to be active in this when I am home for the night. So my library card is getting exercise now and the amount of ideas that spring up in my poor little head is directly proportional to how bored I am. So no entertainment created for me, means more creative ideas for me to write, draw or whatever. Seriously. It’s a thing. 

“Piety” Pen & Ink on Paper, 11.5″ x 17.5″, 2013

I am looking forward to filling up this server with images from my body of work in all of its illustrious weird and unfocused past. I am also looking forward to creating more focused pieces with greater deliberation than I have ever attempted. 

The above is a gallery of work from series created in the Summer/Fall of 2016 called Zen4Erin. I have worked in series for many years, exploring a concept or technique until I get to the place where I need to move onto a new one. This one was about a book called Zentangle a day

I do hope that this new leaf keeps turning because I am really enjoying the flow of creativity that is starting to bypass the blockage I have constructed over time. One final example of the past work is a collections of poems I wrote a few years ago.