#100DaysofDrawing eBook

Cover Art, 2016

Here it is. After weeks of saying “soon,” was it weeks, it might have been months, anyways, I digress; I am finally publishing my eBook. Its a free give away, because I think Art needs to be seen.

That being said, the lights and studio do need to be paid for, so if there is interest, I will be setting up a print on demand version of this book, if you’d like to have the whole collection on your coffee table.

If coffee table books are not your thing and you’d prefer to have a larger scale print of one or more of the pieces, this too is an option I am prepared to facilitate. I know a really good printer in town and will gladly ship a rolled print to anywhere in the US. [Side note: I will also make arrangements for International shipping but there are special considerations to deal with on a case by case basis.]

So without  further mucking about, may I present: