Nathan Eckenrode


Recent works

gallery/what does a thought look like

The Best Words

Digital Print Process (2019)

What Does a Thought Look Like?

Altered Space Installation (2018)


Dice Adventures

Imaginative Realism Illustions(2018)


Reflections on Priviledge

Acrylic Motion Painting(2017)

gallery/day one hundred


Digital exploration of symmetry (2016)



Memorial Baton Carrying (2016)


The Map of All Space and Time

Acrylic Motion Painting (2015)

gallery/the future

Figures Observed

White space series in watercolor (2015)

gallery/meditations in light(radiance) iii

Meditations in Light

Progressive Abstract Rhythmns in watercolor (2014)

gallery/the cross of brighid

Seasonal Illuminations

Pen and Ink Series(2013)


Little Heads

Wood grain coloring book style(2011)

gallery/2011-12-05 18.13.39
gallery/eat the midgets2

DJ Random's Didactic Mixtape

Abstract Motion Paintings in Acrylic (2011)

Eat the Midgets

Performance Art (2011)

Artist statement

If Life were an equation to be solved one step at a time, then these are just part of the set of possible solutions that I have found. helps...


I have been using Art as a method of discovering and exploring the universe for my whole life. The truths that I experience and live are captured as artifacts created by applying practiced techniques and skills. Each medium has its own strengths and limits which serve to build creative expression of the combined conceptual and emotional resolutions. What you see above are signposts along the path where I have been. These mark the process and the journey of daily life, twisting winding roads, double backs and advances. There are many, many more artifacts in my studio which will eventually be seen. For now, we'll all have to enjoy where the day has us now.